Belief, Behavior & Blessing

Have you ever tried to represent someone or something that you just did not believe in?  If so, you probably lacked confidence in your presentation that was noticed by others. If you truly believe in something, your ability to share it with others is much more effective.  Craig Groeschel once said, “Belief overflows to behavior. First, we need to change what we believe. When we truly change what we believe, we will gladly change how we behave.” If what we believe has a direct impact on our behavior, then we should recognize that our behavior will impact the level of success we experience in our careers, relationships, and life.

Our beliefs are comprised of a variety of different sources and experiences.  Many of which are formed at a very early age.  Have you ever asked yourself why you believe what you do?  Is it possible that you might believe something that is not based on the truth? Today, it seems more difficult than ever to separate truth from fiction.  Last month, we talked about how all scripture is inspired by God and is useful in teaching us the truth (2 Timothy 3:16). However, knowing the truth and applying it are distinctly different tasks.  The application of truth involves the willingness to change our behavior to improve our situation.  James 

It seems the longer our beliefs are in place, the harder it is for us to recognize that some of what we believe may not be based on truth.  Once we get settled in life, we tend to ignore those things that don’t line up with our lifestyle, desires, or general philosophy.  This puts us at risk of being fooled or deceived in certain areas.  These problem areas can produce behavior that impacts us negatively.  I love the example that is used in James chapter 1 about looking at yourself in the mirror and then forgetting what you look like.  If we take a hard look at our life, we will likely find areas that need some work.  However, if these areas are too hard, painful, or complicated, we tend to just pretend they don’t exist.  When we choose this approach, we will never avoid the adverse effects and brokenness that stem from these unaddressed areas in our life.  God has created the perfect plan for our lives if we choose to believe the truth and apply it to our lives.  

The truth found in God’s word will always show us those areas that need some work.  James chapter 1 goes on to say in verse 25, “But if you look carefully into the perfect law (or Truth) that sets you free, and if you do what it says and don’t forget what you heard, then God will bless you for doing it.”  The formula for improving those troubled areas in your life is belief, behavior & blessing. The question is are you willing to address those broken areas by changing your beliefs and behavior?  If so, you can expect to see God’s blessing on your diligent work!

Challenge:  Remember belief, behavior, and blessing. Make sure your beliefs are based on truth, ensure your behavior lines up with your beliefs and then enjoy God’s blessing on your effort.