Our Story

Founder Jeremy Calkins was forever changed in March of 2017 when he met Victoria and Sofia Jones. Sofia’s dynamic personality and empathy for others were contagious, and any physical limitations she has from cerebral palsy have never stopped her growing heart. Jeremy thought, “How can one little girl change the world?” 

He knew that their instant bond was more than just a chance meeting, it was a call to act and do something for others. Shortly after this meeting, Jeremy and Co-founder Keith Chapman learned of a young boy with cerebral palsy in Honduras, who did not have the medical equipment to live a life outside of his home. Jeremy, Keith, and Victoria worked to provide the boy with a wheelchair.

This first act of giving and kindness was the start of something amazing—The Sofia Foundation. We began by helping those with cerebral palsy, providing them with medical equipment and other offerings while spreading a message of God’s love.

We’ve now branched out to provide clothing, medical equipment, furniture, and project-based grants and services to individuals and organizations that align with our vision and mission.