What We Do

Our founders were inspired to establish The Sofia Foundation based on Sofia’s spirit of living life to its fullest. While she has physical limitations, her heart and mind have none. She embodies what a hero is, embracing the notion that it’s better to serve than be served.

Our service-based organization’s founders, officers, and partners bring their talents and commitment to the call from Jesus who said, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, BUT TO SERVE.” In Mark 10:45.

Sophia remains our inspiration for launching the foundation, and in her name, we find the values that are the most important.

S– Serving Others

O – Offering Hope

F – Faith in Action

I – Investing in Life

A – Assisting Those in Need

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How We Serve

The Sofia Foundation serves the world through three different areas.

  1. Special Needs Community: We support children and families by partnering with them to access resources that will bring comfort and connection to their lives.
  2. Outreach and Missions: We seek to expand our message and help areas that are underserved by providing essentials.
  3. Construction and Infrastructure: We provide funding and materials to organizations that build and construct for the greater good.

Areas of Service

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