Vehicle Donation

We were privileged to be able to bless a family in need of a vehicle, and put the word out to Churches and Schools in the Tampa Bay, FL area.

We learned about a family that embodies what The Sofia Foundation stands for, “Serving Others, Faith In Action.”

Both parents have both lost their full time jobs due to COVID, the Mom is battling Breast Cancer and struggled with reliable transportation.

Despite their own challenges, when they heard about the vehicle we were donating, their first response was to seek out “a family in need.”

It’s because of these types of individuals that we’re able to do what we do here at TSF. Their giving spirit and servant mindset reminds us to give thanks in all seasons and that God will bless us in return.

Thank you to our President, Jeremy Calkins, for leading the charge with this initiative and ensuring this beautiful family has one less thing to worry about.

If you have a vehicle you would like to donate to a family in need, please consider contacting us to discuss.

Feeling Generous?